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Full Swing Kit Launch Monitor Golf and Greens Europe
  • Full Swing Kit Launch Monitor Golf and Greens Europe

Full Swing Kit Launch Monitor *Required step

The Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor is engineered with the most advanced radar technology and a high-resolution camera to give you 16 points of data and video to see your swing in perfect clarity. 

Tested & trusted by Tiger Woods, made for everyone.

Machine-learning enhanced Radar paired with powerful dedicated processors for Radar and media give you the cleanest and most accurate data in the industry.

A customizable heads-up OLED display engineered to show you exactly what you want to see what happens every swing or use the free included app to see your data & video across your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and even hear your selected data through your bluetooth headphones.

Use the included durable case to take it to the course and set up in under a minute with a battery life of up to 5 hours to give you the most time on the range or take it home to set up in your backyard, garage or basement with a net to get the most out of your swing.

What's in the box?

  • FS Kit Launch Monitor
  • Charging Block
  • USB-C Charging Cable
  • Protective Travel Case

Option: E6 Connect 


• iPhone® (10 and higher), running iOS 14 and higher • iPad® (7th generation and higher), running iOS 14 and higher • iPad® Air (3rd generation and higher), running iOS 14 and higher • iPad® Pro (all models), running iOS 14 and higher • Apple Watch® 3 or higher, running watchOS 7 or higher • Apple AirPods® or most any Bluetooth® headphones

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Parameters & Features

Data Parameters

Full Swing KIT Data Points

Full Swing KIT currently measures 16 data parameters.

They are:

- ball speed
- club head speed
- carry distance
- total distance
- side carry distance
- side total distance
- smash factor
- spin rate
- spin axis
- face angle
- face to path
- attack angle
- launch angle
- club path
- apex height
- horizontal angle

Full Swing KIT App

Full Swing KIT app interface

Full Swing KIT app, available for iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch, pairs directly with the KIT launch monitor, unlocking additional features for a richer experience.

The app is not necessary to use Full Swing KIT  but it’s highly recommended.

It allows you to:

- set target alignment for the KIT
- view and store 1080p video swing clips captured by the KIT’s on-board camera
- customize and sort the data parameters that you see
- view interactive dispersion charts
- view trends and averages for different clubs
- do custom bag and club management
- get audio feedback after every shot

The Apple Watch version of the app allows you to view shot data and change clubs. A Premium subscription unlocks unlimited video storage and a range of historical data.

You can also customize the device display by going into the app settings and dragging the data metrics into the desired order with your finger.

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