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Training tools | Golf and Greens | Our equipment to train you

Training Aids & On Course

Training Aids
To get the most out of your golf simulator, Golf and Greens offers you a wide range of accessories that are very useful for golf practice. For example, tools for analyzing your game are available for sale.
These will allow you to collect very precise data in order to improve your swing.
Discover without further delay the various accessories available to raise your level of play!

You want to know more about our different training tools? Contact the Golf and Greens team.


  • Accessories
    <h1>Golf accessories</h1> <p>Golf and Greens offers you some accessories like ballast bags or a protection for your golf simulator. Discover these very useful accessories and place your order quickly.<br /><br />If you have any questions about our products, <a href="">contact Golf and Greens</a>.</p> <p></p>
  • GPS
  • Watches
    The <strong>GPS watches</strong> are used to indicate the distances between you and the beginning of the green, the middle of the green and the end of the green. The watches are very useful and will allow you to avoid errors in distance and therefore club. Benefit from the experience and advice of the <strong>Golf and Greens Experts</strong>.
  • Swing analysis / Speed
    <p><strong>Analyze</strong>, <strong>film</strong> and <strong>compare</strong> your swing like the pros.<br /><br />The idea of practicing your swing in front of a mirror is almost as old as golf.<br /><br /><strong>Skill improvement</strong> comes from knowing the <strong>proper technique</strong> and being <strong>physically aware</strong> of how to achieve those technical requirements.</p>
  • Swing Optimizer
  • Garmin
    <p>High-sensitivity GPS golf devices that give you precise distances and other features for thousands of preloaded courses, so you can play your best golf.</p>
  • Hitting Mat
    <p>The hitting mats are designed to make your training more comfortable. Here is the Golf and Greens selection.</p>

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XPACT PRO GOLF IMPACT SPRAY | Golf and Greens Europe
Xpact Pro
XPACT PRO GOLF IMPACT SPRAY Helps visualize the point of impact of the ball on the club face. - Evaporating impact spray - Better than impact tape...
€16.32 tax excl. Price
StarBall Golf Cup Insert
StarBall Golf Cup Insert
Transform your practice mat or lawn into a putting green "as real as possible"!!The Star Ball Golf Cup Inserts are extremely accurate, just like a...
€19.35 tax excl. Price
BirTee Golf Tees - PRO Speed
BirTee Golf Tees - PRO Speed
New design of the BirTee PRO SPEED version for improved flexibility and durability. Plastic tees are virtually unbreakable from 0.6 cm to 5 cm Pack...
€22.00 tax excl. Price
Hitting Mat 30x60 - The Net Return
Hitting Mat 30x60
Our 30 cm x 60 cm Hitting Mat is the same durable 119 gr. Nylon as our Turfs (also includes one Rubber Tee). The tee hole is pre-drilled for easy...
€38.72 tax excl. Price
HMC-Flex Sticks
HMC-Flex Sticks
With HMC - Flex Sticks control head andupper body movements during the swing  Practice at home and improve your game on the course. More consistent...
€59.74 tax excl. Price
Garmin R10 Protective case
Garmin R10 Protective case
Garmin R10 Levelling and Protection Stand Garmin R10 Levelling and Protection Stand can be used with an alignment stick or laser pen (both not...
€60.00 tax excl. Price
Super Patch Victory - Take Your Game to the Next Level - INCREASED RELATIVE POWER
Super Patch Victory
Your Performance Boost Make every Swing Count. Stay focused all round, with more power, balance, and energy. Take Your Game to the Next...
€61.64 tax excl. Price
Hitting mat XLTee
Hitting mat XLTee
Enhance your golf training experience with this premium XLTee hitting mat ! It is sized to cover the hitting area and provide a nice, firm impact...
€64.00 tax excl. Price
Floating practice target
Floating practice target
Practice your approaches at home in your pool or pond with our floating green !The turf floats on a special foam. Package includes:- 3 floating...
€67.52 tax excl. Price
The training tool for golfers who want to generate more length and more precision . ROTATIX is an evolution of a training tool created in the...
€76.84 tax excl. Price