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VR Hunter Superior Class
  • VR Hunter Superior Class
  • VR Hunter Pistol
  • VR Hunter
  • Virtual reality: hunting game
  • VR Hunter Superior Class : your hunting game
  • VR shooting simulation
  • Shooting simulator
  • Shooting simulation game
  • VR Hunter Laser Shooting

VR Hunter Superior Class

2,500.00 €
Tax excluded

Laser Hunting & Shooting is a great source of entertainment for everyone.

Realistic images, sounds and overall atmosphere are the key to the perfect experience in this shooting simulation game.

VR Hunter is a great addition to your golf simulator, it will delight both golfers and non-golfers alike .

RV Hunter Starter Pack included:

- 60FPS varifocal camera with optical zoom.

- 2 x SIG P226 laser guns.

- 1 x RED + IR laser tracking software

- 1 x 12 shooting games:

  • WhiteTail - Wild Board - Bird hunt -Hare hunt - Piranhas
  • Sporting Clays -Zoombia -School Hologram - Shooting Moving Target
  • Shooting Range -Turrets Game - Skull Island - Hero Space 1
  • Forest Dreams - Hangar 51 - The First Night - Farmer's Gun (*)

(*)Free lifetime game update, monthly update

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(golf simulator, home cinema, play bay, ...)

You can use the VR Hunter without any limitation or impact on the existing golf simulator system.
Both simulators install and run on the same PC.

VR Hunter uses its own tracking camera system. VR Hunter only needs one free USB 2.0 port on the PC.
The VR Hunter camera does not interfere with any golf simulator that may already be installed and connected to the PC.
There is no need to install any drivers for the camera.

VR Hunter provides free online support for the installation and calibration of your system.

The standard installation with the camera support in the studio of the existing golf simulator takes less than 15 minutes.
Simply connect the camera cable to the PC.

The resolution value of the games is the same as that used by the existing projector.
The VR Hunter games are ready for Full HD 1920 x 1080.

The VR Hunter unit uses a special varifocal camera with manual zoom.
The position of the varifocal camera varies depending on the size of your screen.

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