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The hitting mats are designed to make your training more comfortable. Here is the Golf and Greens selection.
  • Hitting Mat 30x60

    €40.00 (tax incl.)
    Our 30 cm x 60 cm Hitting Mat is the same durable 119 gr. Nylon as our Turfs (also includes one Rubber Tee). The tee hole is pre-drilled for easy installation. Great for use with both Drivers and Irons.
  • Tri-Turf Golf Hitting Mat

    €74.99 (tax incl.)

    Practice from 3 Different Lies At Home, Backyard, Garage, Driving Range or Outdoor


    • - 3 various surfaces give you real experience to the variety of lies you might get on the course (Fairway turf, Rough turf, Tee turf)
    • - Each third of the high quality turf is comfortable to swing and has a realistic feel
    • - Size and weight of the mat are very well balanced and there is plenty of hitting surface

    Dimensions: 64cm x 41 cm

  • Thick Tee Turf

    €135.00 (tax incl.)
    The Thick Tee Golf Turf product is a 60 cm wide x 90 cm long nylon hitting mat that can hold a standard tee. The Thick Tee Golf Turf is also great for iron / wedge practice (out of the second cut).

    It is extremely durable, can be used indoors and outdoors and easily rolls up for storage / transport.
  • Hitting Mat Bogey

    €159.99 (tax incl.)
    Add to your Golf Net installation a Striking Mat!

    Ideal for indoor play -> Protect your floor and your wrists!

    Dimensions: 100 cm x 150 cm x 3cm (2cm foam for more comfort)

    Don't include the Golf Net

    Do you have a question? A tailor-made offer? Need more information? Contact The Experts 
  • SMARTLINE Turf Mat

    €279.00 (tax incl.)
    SMARTLINE turf mat (knitted)

    150 x 150 cm / 8 tee-holes

    Imax turf mats are the best value for money:

    - high quality material
    - good functionality for competitive prices.

    Smartline knitter combines attractive price with flexible top quality NBR backing without quality concessions.

    5 years non-curl guarantee!

    => flexible backing enables rolling up
    => easy shipping of individual mats
    => easy storage for private use
    => attractive price

  • Optishot2 | Golf Mat

    €389.99 (tax incl.)

    With OptiShot you can get your game on anytime - rain or shine, day or night.
    Why should great golf simulators only be accessible to the pros?

    - Width: 120 cm
    - Length: 150 cm
    - Height: 3,5 cm

    High-Density Foam & Turf
    100% U.S. Made

    OptiShot2 Simulator sits flush with Golf Mat.

    Any questions ? Need more information ? Contact The Experts

  • Home Turf

    €430.00 (tax incl.)
    Home Turf - 1.83m x 1.83m

    Synthetic Turf Mills

    PL705, 1.83m x 1.83m, extra 5mm foam backing, 1.43cm Poly fibers, individually plastic wrapped.
  • Pro Turf

    €535.00 (tax incl.)

    The Pro Turf is designed exclusively for The Net Return Pro Series net. It can be used both indoors or outside. Unlike traditional range mats that are 1,20 m x 1,50 m ou 1,50 m  x 1,50 m’, etc. -  our Pro Turf is 1,83 m wide x 3,07 m long providing continuous ball return. The Pro Turf has a 42 oz. Nylon face-weight with a 5 mm foam backing, allowing it to be rolled up and stored like a carpet. It weighs approximately 23 kg and is approximately ¾” thick and ships with two Rangemart rubber tees (2’1/4” Tee and a 1’3/4” Tee).

    The Pro Turf also makes a great putting green, allowing for practice on a 3 m long surface. Use with our Putting Cup and Flag accessory (which will reject a ball if hit to hard) and you now have the ultimate training center, allowing you to use all of your clubs. In order to balance wear on your Pro Turf you can rotate it, many players also utilize inserts cut into the turf - Brushed Tee, Gel, Thick Tee, etc. allowing a player to modify the hitting surface while still retaining continuous ball return. The Pro Turf ships in a 30 cm diameter roll x 3,07 m length  and is approximately 23 Kg in weight.