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Ernest Sports | Golf Simulator | Golf and Greens
Golf and Greens, official distributor of Ernest Sports products, markets and installs ES 20/20 and ES Tour Plus.

Joe Ernest created Ernest Sports in 2012. 
Forerunner of launch monitors, the ES12 was awarded "best new product" at the 2012 PGA show. Since then, 4 additional models have been added to the Ernest Sports family of products. Now introducing the New ESB1Ernest Sports provides a full line of launch monitors to fit any golfer’s needs.

With have products designed for teachers, driving ranges, club fitters & golf novices, know your shot statistics instantly and can improve your game!
  • Ernest Sports ES 14 Launch Monitor

    €449.00 (tax incl.)

    Ernest Sports has revolutionized the game with a tool for teaching professionals, club fitters, and serious golfers. The ES14 Pro Launch Monitor delivers critical data instantly & affordably. The unit offers a wide range of statistical information including club speed, launch angle, ball speed, smash factor, spin rate & distance. When combined with the free ES14 App, users have the ability to dig even deeper into their shot analysis with features such as audible feedback, club averages, and a skills challenge. Enhance your learning, teaching or club-fitting experience with the ES14 Pro from Ernest Sports.

    Can be used outdoors and indoors !

  • Ernest Sports ES B1 Launch Monitor

    €500.00 (tax incl.)
    The NEW ESB1 Launch Monitor, now positioned behind the golfer for better performance. Larger hitting area, re-chargeable lithium battery, front panel display (two color choices). Data we provide: Ball Speed, Club Speed, Smash Factor, Spin Rate, Launch Angle and Distance.
    • Compare to LPGA and PGA Tour Averages
    • Works independently or with the free iOS ESB1 App
    • Charging Cord Included
    • Downloadable upgrades
    • iOs device needed

    Technical description

    Can be used outdoors and indoors !
  • Ernest Sports ES Tour Plus Launch Monitor

    €2,849.99 (tax incl.)

    Combine dual, high speed cameras and quad Doppler radar, the remarkable ES Tour Plus is Tour-Tested, highly accurate and provides all 26 data points. Outdoors, the ES Tour Plus provides six fundamental data points: Ball Speed, Club Speed, Smash Factor, Spin Rate, Launch Angle and Distance.

    Affordable Indoor & Outdoor Simulation

    The ES Tour Plus is primarily for indoor use. The ES Tour Plus has infrared light boards that work well indoors, and the flash is undetectable to the eyes. Infrared cameras, outdoors on green grass, in sunlight, reflect green grass as “white” in the camera’s eyes. Here we lose the rotation of the ball and club data is often lost, since the background is the same color as the golf ball.


    • Dimensions : 25,4 H x 17,78 W x 5,08 D
    • Weight : 0.91 kg
    • Power : 7,4V Lithium-Ion Battery 3000mAh
  • Ernest Sports ES 20/20 Perfect Vision Launch Monitor

    €7,999.00 (tax incl.)

    The Experience ES 20/20

    The ES 20/20 Perfect Vision Launch Monitor is one of the best monitor for players, teachers and club fitters, period. Ernest Sports developed a much more affordable solution that suits your specific needs!

    Directly measured data with high technology provides you with the ultimate gaming experience and improvement!

    The ES 20/20 Perfect Vision Launch Monitor will work indoor and outdoor.

    You can use the ES 20/20 Perfect Vision Launch Monitor off grass or mats. Full data anywhere, that you can rely on, easy to use and highly portable with a 6-8-hour rechargeable battery on board. The built-in displays allow you to enjoy seeing data without connecting to a device any time you feel like it!
    There is minimal space needed with the ES 20/20 Perfect Vision…..if you have enough room to swing, the ES 20/20 works!

    Oh, the ES 20/20 Perfect Vision Launch Monitor has another advantage over the competition….. there are no mandatory annual support fees!


    • Dimensions (cm): 27,9 H x 5,1 W x 10,16 D
    • Weight: 3,18 kg
    • Power: 7.4V Lithium-Ion Battery 13Ah
    • Available on iOs and Microsoft

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    Can be used outdoors and indoors !