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PRGR Launch Monitor
  • PRGR Launch Monitor

PRGR Launch Monitor HS-130A

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Principal characteristics of PRGR Launch Monitor HS-130A:

SUPERIOR ACCURACY: Uses Doppler Radar and precise algorithms to show your SWING SPEED, BALL SPEEDCARRY DISTANCETOTAL DISTANCE and SMASH FACTOR for each club.

Can also use with Tennis, Soccer and Baseball.

EASIEST TO USE: Turn it on, put it down, and hit. No WiFi, no downloads, no apps needed. Captures nearly 100% of shots without "fiddling" with placement like with others.

TRUSTED MANUFACTURING: PRGR has been making Tour-level golf equipment for nearly 40 years and is a division of the Yokohama company, famous maker of auto and truck tires for more than 100 years.

Newest 2021 Model with an improved radar doppler sensor and ability to toggle between yards / meters

Made in Japan

The newer PRGR has a few notable upgrades:

• A higher-quality dual radar sensor
• An improved processor and algorithm to increase accuracy
Larger, high-resolution display
• Improved wedge measurement (especially on higher-lofted shots)
• Ability to switch between yards and meters

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The PRGR HS-130A launch monitor is an easy-to-use, battery-powered device that provides
estimates of swing speed, ball speed, swing factor, carry and total distance.
If you want to know how far you are hitting your current clubs or if you want to track your progress
when trying to increaseyour swing speed or shot quality, this device provides clear and important information
that can help you in your practice and is excellent value for money.

It works for both left and right hand shots.
Keeps a history of your last 500 strokes and measurements. Can measure your club head speed on practice swings.
Weighs only ~130 grams with batteries (not included) (that's lighter than an average smartphone!).

Works with other sports including tennis, baseball, football and hockey.
The PRGR is accurate (it uses Doppler radar!), just turn it on, position it on the ground and hit.
You'll see your swing speed, ball speed, smash factor and distance with each club (range and total) on the 3.5" LCD screen.

- LCD screen: displays results and measurement history
- ON / OFF & Enter button: used to turn the unit on and off, and to select and confirm unit settings
- Measurement section: point this part in the direction you hit the ball to take measurements
- Camera screw: used to attach the camera to tripods and other mounts
- Battery compartment: takes four size AAA alkaline batteries (not included)
- Flight distance display switch button: toggles between flight distance and total flight distance display modes
- Mode button: toggles between the different modes
- Scroll button: used to scroll through the measurement history and device settings

Dimensions of the device:
- Length: 12cm
- Width: 5.5 cm
- Height: 5cm

Screen dimensions:
- Height: 6.5 cm
- Width: 4.5 cm

Weight without batteries: 86g
Weight with batteries: 130g

*AAA batteries not included (4)

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