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Putting Green | Golf and Greens - European Ultra Base System Distributor

Golf and Greens Europe
, official European reseller of UltraBaseSystems® products, designs and implements synthetic golf surfaces for individuals and professionals.


Custom Greens

We should be good at golf!!!

Invented over a decade ago, UltraBaseSystems (UBS) putting greens offer a natural green feel without the maintenance and upkeep. The ball rolls perfectly and UBS greens offer perfection on every shot. Whether flat or contoured to challenge any skill level or game, UltraBaseSystems® enhance the game for golfers on every continent of the world.


An innovative design offering all the advantages and performance of a natural green



- Consistently smooth and predictable ball roll

- Capable of providing the most realistic ball roll possible

- Can easily create surface undulations

- Panel design ensures proper turf fit round the cup

- Natural grass feel underfoot

- Specifically designed for golf


• Modular panels that fit together perfectly to create a flat, even turf surface
• Installing the green over a UBS technical base produces the best ball roll possible
• The installed panels allow the realization of different surface shapes (round, square, oval,...)
• Patented cup design eliminates turf shrinkage issues
• The flexibility and suppleness of the system perfectly mimics the natural feel of the grass underfoot
• Suitable for artificial turf with or without putting/chipping sand or teeline (starter)
• Designed for greens, fairways and tees




UltraBaseSystems in action

Building a perfectly flat putting green or creating a professional quality green with slopes and declines is all possible with the UBS Golf Panel System.  Tour players and amateurs alike agree that the purity of the ball roll and the realism of the natural grass feel underfoot are incredibly close to a true tour quality green.


The fastest and most efficient lawn drainage and drying system available



• The turf dries faster, allowing for consistent rolling of the balls, whether wet or dry
• No interrupted training time, even after rain
• Fast drainage, even on impermeable surfaces such as roofs and inferior floors
• Minimizes the potential for mold growth




• Panel keeps turf elevated above the subgrade allowing for faster dry time
• Vertical drainage draws water off the turf
• keeping the surface dry
• Drains horizontally even when vertical drainage is
poor or unavailable
• Panel keeps turf elevated above the subgrade allowing for air flow and complete water removal above and below the turf

UltraBaseSystems in action

Don’t let the rain ruin your practice sessions.  

UBS panels are engineered to provide the ultimate in golf practice facilities.  

By elevating the turf off the ground, air can circulate under the turf allowing it to dry faster and reduce mold growth.  

Perforated turf will drain rapidly through the panels and into the subbase or when required, horizontally run over any impermeable surface such as a rooftop, patio or less than perfect subbase soils to a drainage system.




The most efficient and versatile golf green installation system



• A secure investment whether the installation is permanent or relocated
• Strong enough to support heavily infilled green systems
• Turf will not move
• Compensates for subbase irregularities even if they occur after installation
• Creation of contours and valleys is easier and more realistic than ever before
• Easy installation anywhere
• Panels do not need to be moved or repositioned when a new turf is installed




• Light-weight interlocking panels enable easy installation, disassembly and reinstallation
• Sturdy structural design supports heavy loads
• Patented barb design helps keep turf in place
• Resilient yet structurally firm design compensates for subbase irregularities due to weather or burrowing animals
• Engineered with just the right amount of flexibility to perfectly replicate contoured grass greens
• Proven systematic step-by-step approach makes installation easy and reduces required skill levels
• Interlocking modular panels ensure easy installation and structural integrity/consistency.

UltraBaseSystems in action

The UBS golf system eliminates the need for compacted stone bases on putting greens or poured concrete tee lines. The end result–a playing surface that feels more like real grass under foot with the perfect ball roll tournament players expect in their own practice facilities. Build it indoors, on a rooftop, or leave it permanently in your backyard, with UBS the customer’s dream green becomes a reality.


A sustainable investment!


• Never lose your investment, take it with you when you move
• Cost effective home relocation or exhibit and event opportunities
• Less material, fuel and labor required for an installation
• Innovative options for constructing the most challenging greens
• The UBS putting green base will last for years
• Easily transported



• Light weight interlocking panels enable easy installation, disassembly and reinstallation
• Structural design requires significantly less base work resulting in fuel savings and reduced emissions
• Engineered Tour Links foam contours installed under UBS panels allow for the quick and easy creation of challenging designs
• 10 Year Warranty


UltraBaseSystems in action

For years, home golf putting greens were reserved for the rich and famous.

The process of earth excavation and stone or concrete replacement was the norm and very invasive.  

What customers were left with was a stone or concrete monolith which may or may not be of interest to the next property owner–essentially a total loss of investment dollars.  

UBS technology has changed everything.  Build it today and leave it for a week or enjoy panel technology for a lifetime of family fun and practice.  

For home putting greens, driving ranges, tee lines, synthetic turf tee boxes, golf teaching academies and, yes, miniature golf, the UBS way is the installer’s smart choice for customer value and increased profits.