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TruGolf Home Swing Studio
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  • TruGolf Home Swing Studio

TruGolf Mini

298.29 €
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The TruGolf Mini is a new approach to golf.

Combined with the E6 CONNECT software, this interactive swing studio analyzes and displays the data  of the swing after every shot, helping golfers of all levels understand their game.
With TruGolf Mini, every shot is a lesson.

The TruGolf Home Mini is a professional quality golf tool that features
the many features of a traditional golf simulator, but at a very affordable price.
The TruGolf Mini simulator uses E6 CONNECT software to collect meaningful data
in real time, whether you play a full course, a driving range or mini-games.
Play world-class golf courses with the TruGolf Mini and the 9-axis 3D swing sensor.

Let yourself be surprised by your swing in real time !!!

!!! IOS compatible only !!!


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Included: E6 Connect iOS * included
- 5 courses
- 17 Practice Ranges with 3 levels of difficulty
- 3D swing analysis that allows users to replay and review their swing from any angle

Golf courses included:
- Aviara 
- Bandon Dunes
- Aviara
- Sanctuary
- Stone Canyon
- Wade Hampton

* Check the compatibility of Apple devices 

Customize your game:

- Mulligans
- Gimmies
- 18 Pin Positions per Green
- wind
- Altimetry
- Stimp Rating
- Time of day (evening, morning,...)
- Multiple Tee 

Feature-rich software:
- Real time Peer to Peer
- Online Tournament
- Shot Tracers
- Mini Games – Long Drive and Closest to the 
- Camera Settings
- Shot Replay

The Home Swing Studio by TruGolf makes it possible to learn the game quickly and continually improve.

The sensor captures 4 Critical Swing Characteristics.
- Club Face Angle
- Angle of Attack
- Swing Tempo
- Club Path

These Swing Analytics are combined with E6 CONNECT’s ball flight algorithm to derive ball flight.
As users change and control these data points, they control the ball inside E6 CONNECT.
After each swing, a clearly understood swing analysis screen will appear and is color coded based on your performance.
Users can interact with their data and see a 3D recreation of their Swing Plane and a graph of their tempo.

The configuration is simple.
Launch the application, connect the sensor and start playing.

For the familyThe Home Swing Studio makes it easy to learn the game.
You can share your passion for golf with your family at any time! 

Home Swing Studio combines professional teaching technology with video game style content.
This makes learning to play golf more fun, all in the comfort of your living room.

- Easy, intermediate and advanced settings
- Exciting mini-games for children
- Flexible configuration makes it easy to play anywhere

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