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GOSWO Golf Swing Optimizer

GOSWO Golf Swing Optimizer

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Get a better handicap faster
Guaranteed success for your golf training at home.

Touch learning
Immediate correction of swing path
Faster learning and results


When playing on the course, you need to have fun and not worry
about your bad shots over and over again.
Practice Your Golf Swing at Home - Play straighter, longer balls. 

Train and improve your swing with the GOSWO - GOLF SWING OPTIMIZER 


- GOSWO Basic -> 55 ° inclined plane (irons) + 47 ° inclined plane (wood + driver)
GOSWO Exterior ->  55 ° inclined plane  (Anti-Slice)
- Cardboard carrying case with handle

The Corrugated Cardboard YEP-Fluting material only suitable for indoor use.

YEP-Fluting is produced from recycled papers, short fiber pulp, long fiber pulp and special glue. 
Numerous series of tests guarantee the resistance of the materials. Material, top layers, weight,
waveform, glue, etc. 
are perfectly tuned.

- Bursting test (BWS / BST) according to DIN 53141-1

- Flat-Crush-Test (FCT) according to DIN 23035

- Puncture resistance (DWS) according to DIN 53142

Edge-Crush-Test (ECT) according to DIN EN ISO 3037

Classic corrugated cardboard is tested to withstand pressure and stacking. 

However, our hardware requirements are much higher:

- a shot must generate clear feedback (audible and perceptible)

- the shot must not cause injury

- the shot must not damage the club

- inclined planes cannot be deformed


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Golf Swing Optimizer (GOSWO) for Indoor Golf Training - Better Golf on the Course

Every golfer wants to improve his game. The golfer usually sacrifices a lot of time for this. Avid golfers with a lot of time play many rounds on the courses. Other golfers practice constantly at the driving range to improve their game. However, very few golfers take lessons on a regular basis. Especially during the winter, golfers are looking for a way to improve their game without having to train on the course or driving range in the cold.

GOSWO The swing path reference lane - the revolution in golf training

With the GOSWO swing trainer, the player can train at home and improve the swing path. In addition, the famous "Moving" can be stopped thanks to the golf swing coaches. Moving" is the movement of the head during the golf swing in the horizontal and vertical plane.

If you practice the golf swing on the right plan,

you focus on the trajectory of the swing to avoid hitting the GOSWO
you move your head as little as possible.

Training with 
GOSWO makes it possible to hit the balls more and more cleanly and to reduce the number of balls which are topped or hit with too deep divots.

Training with GOSWO is very successful and saves time and money.
Many trips to the golf course or driving range can be avoided.
Train at home to play better on the course.

Everyone knows how much effort and how long it takes to play a golf course:

Put on golf clothes,
Go to the golf course
Unload your equipment
Driving Range
Play a game
Mope about having played badly
Load the equipment
Go home.

Golf training can be different
        Train at home
        Have more fun and success on the golf course.

Indoor GOSWO Pro
includes the GOSWO Indor Basic with two inclined planes (55 ° for training with irons and 47 ° for training with woods or drivers)
as well as a 
GOSWO Outside
 55 ° (Anti Slice) in a practical cardboard case with carrying handle.


Packaging dimensions: 840 mm x 710 mm x 150 mm

Complete weight with suitcase: 7 kg

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