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BirTee Golf Tees - PRO Speed

22.00 €
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New design of the BirTee PRO SPEED version for improved flexibility and durability.

Plastic tees are virtually unbreakable from 0.6 cm to 5 cm

Pack of 8 tees

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New PRO SPEED version!

On the Golf Course / Driving Range

BirTee's revolutionary tees are designed to be fast and easy to use for golfers of all ages and abilities. Golfers love consistency, so with BirTee tees, your ball is placed at the exact same height every time for optimum consistency.

Our 8 tees range in height from 0.6 cm to 5 cm, giving you a consistent height for every tee shot, and every golf club (Drivers, Woods, Hybrids and Irons).

Golf is a game of consistency, so having a consistent and perfect tee height for each club and never having to think about your tee height gives the golfer more confidence and consistency. This translates into better drives and also speeds up the game.

The 8 Birtee Pro tees comply with the USGA rules of golf and can be used in competition on the golf course. They are made of durable, recyclable plastic and are U.S. patented.

Not only are BirTee tees great on the golf course, but because they sit on the ground, they are ideal for golf simulators or hard surfaces such as gym floors, frozen floors or on hot, dry summer days when it is difficult to drive a traditional tee into the ground.

Other benefits of the BirTee:

The unique design of the BirTee tee makes it ideal for many situations where standard golf tees just won't cut it. 


The unique design of the BirTee tees makes them ideal for simulators because they sit on the "ground".

Traditional tees simply do not work well in golf simulators, they are inconsistent and can fly backwards when pressed into the mat. Tees that fly backwards can be a real safety hazard when used in a golf simulation center with spectators behind the player. The unique design of BirTee golf tees "on the ground" means that they move forward when hit, not backward. When you pick up your ball, pick up your BirTee golf tee at the same time!

Hard ground:

Quadruple your golf season! BirTee tees rest on the surface no matter how hard the ground is. The unique design of BirTee tees allows golfers to play their favorite sport in any climate.

Junior Golf:

Kids want to do it themselves, and with BirTee tees, they can. No need to drive a tee, just put it down and play!

Have you ever seen a 3 year old try to drive a traditional tee into the ground, then hit a ball? It's frustrating! BirTee tees completely eliminate this frustration for the junior golfer... and also for the adults who are patiently (or sometimes impatiently) waiting! Kids want to do it themselves, and with BirTee tees, they can.

That's why BirTee golf tees are being used by more and more junior golf instructors in the United States and around the world.

And when the junior golfer moves on to the next level, he doesn't need to change his equipment. Even if he becomes a professional, he can continue to use BirTee golf tees!

Golf fit:

BirTee tees are easy to use, making them ideal for golfers with limited mobility or dexterity.

It's amazing how therapeutic golf can be for people with all kinds of disabilities. It's also amazing how BirTee tees can help these people be more independent and enjoy the game more.

Because BirTee tees are designed to be placed on the ground, it is easy for golfers of all ages and abilities to tee off. The simplicity of BirTee tees makes them ideal for golfers with limited mobility or dexterity.

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