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A different and unique indoor golf course? 
Our PREMIUM solutions will satisfy the most exigent golfers.

With our PREMIUM solutions, your indoor golf becomes unique!
We create your indoor golf course in your available space.

Your BRAVO PREMIUM, from 22.448,351 € without VAT.
- 2 Swing cameras (MS Live Cam Studio) for swing analysis

- Premium Studio: available in different widths from 3,00 m to 5,00 m

               - Premium Impact Screen (custom made)
               - Premium Putting green (custom made)
               - Premium Hitting Mat   (custom made)
               - LED lighting for perfect lighting of the hitting area

- Gaming PC Intel i5 NVIDIA GeForce / 22'' screen / Keyboard + mouse /
- Full HD video projector - 5200 LUMENS - long range
- PC cabinet

- Delivery and installation
- Software installation
- Training

A project? A customized offer? More information?
Don't hesitate, contact The Experts, we certainly have the solution you need...

Our "Premium" solutions will meet the expectations of the most demanding!


100% secure payments


1. BRAVO launcher

2. PREMIUM Studio

Our Premium Studios are made entirely to measure and are therefore unique.
The size is adapted according to the space available.
The materials used are of the highest quality.
Different finishes are available to the customer's choice (oak, mahogany, aluminum, ...)

Impact screen PREMIUM:
The fabrics used for the golf simulators have the particularity of having both the function of absorbing
energy generated by the impact of the ball and to serve as a support for the projection of the image.

The pure white screen provides a clear image, while the high absorption capacity of the material prevents the
the unpleasant trampoline effect (ball bounce), provided that the screen is not too taut.
With a ball that can reach a speed of 300 km/h, safety is a priority.

The material used is a pure white polyester fabric (Silver Screen Backing) in order to obtain a high
contrast image for Full HD and a high resistance to tearing.

The screen is hemmed on all four sides and has eyelets on the sides at a distance of +30 cm.
No visible seams. Weighing approximately 200 g/m², it has a structure similar to that of a net,
so that it emits only a relatively low noise when a ball hits it at high speed.
Machine washable at 30°C

3. Playing surface: PREMIUM Green
We install the synthetic turf on the desired surface.
The turf is laid on a cushioning underlay of the same surface.

Material: PE monofilament curled

This product lends itself perfectly to any golfing application, thanks to its hyper-resistant 100% polyethylene fibre.
A "stimp" of 10-11 (green speed).

This product is manufactured  in the Netherlands according to the strictest quality standards.
7-year factory warranty.

Underlay: Shock pad 10 mm
In combination with the artificial grass, the 10 mm shock pad achieves a ball bounce performance
as close as possible to natural grass.

4. PREMIUM hitting mat: TeeXL
The hitting mat is placed/cut into the putting green.
The surface used allows both left and right handed players to play.

Dimensions: made to measure
- 30 mm thick
- Made of two different colors for a natural look

With this hitting mat, you can plant a real tee.
100% NYLON!
The TeeXL is the best compromise between stability and soft hitting!

5. PC:
- Processor: i5
- Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce
- Sound: Integrated sound card
- Operating System: Windows 10

Touch Display:
- Color: Onyx Black
- Screen Type: IPS with LED backlight
- Screen Size: 24 inches
- Screen Resolution: 1920 x 1080
- Maximum Display Resolution: 1080p Full HD
- Stretch: 16:9
- Number of HDMI ports: 1
- Connector type: HDMI

Keyboard + Mouse

6. Video Projector:Full HD 5000 Lumens

This projector delivers a sharp, crisp image on the impact screen even when it's not completely dark. The rendering of golf courses and ball flights is simply amazing. We mount the projector on the ceiling. This gives you maximum playing comfort and is not affected by the position of the device at all. Moreover, the players cannot damage or disrupt the system, as it is positioned behind them and out of reach.

Placement of the video projector:
Suspended ceiling
- White projector mount for ceiling
- Exposed white trunking, PC/Projector wiring
- Fixing of the whole with screws

7. LED lighting

For perfect illumination of the hitting area

A project? A tailor-made offer? Do you need more information ? Contact The Experts


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