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Golf Impact Spray

Golf Impact Spray

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Golf Impact Spray  helps visualize the point of impact of the ball on the club face.
Golf Impact Spray  is the best alternative to Impact Tape.

Simple, fast and efficient use!

With Golf Impact Spray you visualize the precise point of impact on the club face. 

Every golfer wants to know where he hit the ball. 

In the past, the only spray available was a foot deodorant ... which could produce a similar effect ...

There are also stickers on the market to place on the club face
These so-called impact bands or removable stickers for clubface also allow you to see the impact ...
They are  
available in different sizes for irons, fairways, hybrids and drivers. 
Of course, you have to select the right band for the right club.
The concern is that the impact bands are very difficult to remove after a few hits. 
To overcome this, a very expensive spray has been developed in the United States.  

The spray works perfectly, but the product cannot be purchased in Europe ...

Golf Impact Spray is now available in Europe !!!

No need for 5 different impact bands, just Golf Impact Spray for all clubs.

The application is very simple. Shake the spray before use, spray sparingly, hit and analyze the shot. 

Nothing easier!

By the way, did you know?

- clubface position determines ball trajectory up to 83%
- Golfers should spend 83% of their training time familiarizing themselves with the club face
- 1 cm from the center = 10% loss of length
- no brokenstickers - a handy little box
- easy to wash 
- whoever controls his club face controls his ball
- direct feedback after every hit
- Self-control during the turn

A training tool to put in the golf bag - small and efficient

Ideal as a complement to GOSWO tools Visualize your progress!
More consistent shots - more length - better golf

Among the ingredients :
Sodium antibacterial, bicarbonate, natron, alcohol and zinc oxide
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