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The training tool for golfers who want to generate more length and more precision . 

ROTATIX is an evolution of a training tool created in the United States. 
The best American golf coaches such as Bob Grisset and Martin Chuck still work with the basic version. 
At Bob Grisset , the plastic version costs 155 USD. 

With us, the removable aluminum version with steel insert costs only 89.90 €.

ROTATIX change your game. That's  Guaranteed !

ROTATIX - one of the most successful training tools in golf!

ROTATIX is the perfect training tool for golfers for stretching, stretching and tilting. 
It ensures more rotation and better coordination of the hips and upper body. 

By training with ROTATIX , every golfer gets more flexibility and more length. 

With ROTATIX , it is finally possible to make better use of the hip, which automatically ensures more length. 
5 minutes a day is enough to change your game significantly.

 is made of aluminum. It consists of two parts, 
is pluggable and fits easily into each bag.

Light weight 390 g

Adjustable insertion force thanks to insertion angle with steel core; 
Extremely stable and "indestructible"

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