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Training Aids
To get the most out of your golf simulator, Golf and Greens offers you a wide range of accessories that are very useful for golf practice. For example, tools for analyzing your game are available for sale.
These will allow you to collect very precise data in order to improve your swing.
Discover without further delay the various accessories available to raise your level of play!

You want to know more about our different training tools? Contact the Golf and Greens team.

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  • Ballast bag for Golf Net

    €28.10 (tax incl.)

    4 Ballast bag for Golf Net

    *(Sand not included)

  • Caddie View

    €115.00 (tax incl.)

    IN STOCK !!!


    Golf Digest

    The CADDIE VIEW is a super-simple golf training aid you put in the ground behind you when
    you’re on the range. 

    The CADDIE VIEW will help you shoot lower scores and have more fun on the golf course
    by helping you video and see your swing quickly and easily.

    The CADDIE VIEW comes with a stand that sticks into the ground and holds your phone. Clip your phone in place and set it up behind you to easily take videos of your swing. The stand also comes with the CADDIE VIEW  app and a ball-maker sized button. Download the app and keep the button in your pocket. You can start and stop your phone's video via the button, saving you from walking back and forth to start each new swing video.

  • SkyGolf GameTracker GT2

    €279.95 (tax incl.)


    • PLAY your best using a full-featured golf GPS app with vivid HD maps
    • TRACK the club, location and distance of each shot in real-time
    • SHARE your round with an instructor, friends, or family in real-time
    • IMPROVE your game with detailed, post-round analysis
    • INCLUDES club tags, reader,  GPS app and 1-Year SkyGolf 360 Premium plan
  • SkyTrak Protective Metal Case

    €179.00 (tax incl.)
    The "Official Metal Authorized for use with SkyTrak"

    Protect your Investment!!!

    SkyTrak Protective Metal Case is the Official Metal Case Authorized for use with SkyTrak. The smart design allows you to plug in a wall charger without removing your SkyTrak.  Easily access the power button and see the LED’S through the precisely positioned openings. Comes with adjustable legs for leveling or raising of the SkyTrak.  An integrated alignment-stick channel holds any standard rod, dowel or stick firmly against the face of the unit to insure target line accuracy.

    Laser cut from 13-gauge steel with a durable wrinkle-finish powder coat.  This strong and durable case offers great protection from light drops, scratches and bumps.  It is a great way to protect your investment.

    * SkyTrak not included. We always recommend the use of an impact bag next to the SkyTrak to deflect any direct club strikes. Do not intentionally hit the SkyTrak case or SkyTrak with balls or clubs. Damage to the SkyTrak due to club or ball strikes are not covered under warranty. 
  • LiveView Pro

    €325.26 (tax incl.)
    Analyze every swing like the pros with the LiveView Pro hands-free camera!

    The idea of practicing your golf swing in front of a mirror is probably almost as old as golf.

    This video camera combines immediate connections between what you feel and what you see. And, with a video drawing tool, you and your coach can highlight specific positions with circles, lines, and more.

    LiveView Pro combines instant feedback from mirror work to increase body awareness with the precision of digital video to make quick swing changes.

    Because Live View Pro allows you to see and correct your pure swing mechanics, you don't even have to hit a ball to identify and solve swing problems. This means you no longer have to go to the driving range or worry about the weather conditions at your practice. Instead, you can continue to work on your golf swing, day or night, rain or shine, for a few minutes at a time when it's convenient for you. In fact, for muscle memory training, it's probably best to have lots of short practice sessions throughout the day to help you root in the correct swing feeling. With strong muscle memory, that new swing feeling will be there for you reliably when you go out to play.

  • Skycaddie SX500 (GPS)

    €449.95 (tax incl.)

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    • Golf's most brilliant display featuring a large 5" touch screen
    • Powered by an ultra-fast multi-core processor for fast response
    • Ruggedized, highly water-resistant design
    • Cut the Cord! Wi-fi connectivity to streamline updates and course downloads on demand. No need to connect to a computer
    • Full HD graphics provide a stunning visual experience
    • Preloaded with over 35,000 of SkyGolf's ground-verified, error-corrected maps for unmatched accuracy
    • Free concierge setup service with SX500 bundles
    • Visit the My SX500 page for videos, guides, FAQs and support
  • Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor (MLM)

    €725.00 (tax incl.)
    IN STOCK !!!

    Mobile Launch Monitor

    The Official Launch Monitor of Golfdigest 2020

    Rapsodo has used the power of your smartphone/tablet and combined it with its professional quality radar.
    Analyze your game at the driving range like never before with professional accuracy for shooting distance, ball speed, club speed, launch angle, launch direction and shot shape.
    Review your shots and improve your game with videos of your swing and a tracker to follow the shape of your shot.
    With revolutionary features, the Mobile Launch Monitor (MLM) will transform the way you play golf.

    Professional accuracy: distance, ball speed, club speed, smashfactor, launch angle and launch direction.
    Provides video playback with Shot Tracer.

    GPS enabled: see exactly where your shots land on the driving range or locate a flag for a contest closest to the pin.

    Bag Mapping: View your shooting averages and trends by club so you always know what to use when you're on the course.

    Video Library: Store all your photo data and your last 100 videos. Additional video storage available with subscription.

    Share your photos: Link your account and post videos to your favorite social network.

    Includes :
    - Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor
    - USB-C cable
    - Carrying case
    - Quick Start Guide

    OUTDOOR USE ONLY - Cannot be used with a net/studio cage