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PuttOUT Putting Studio
  • PuttOUT Putting Studio

PuttOUT Putting Studio

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To be the best putter you can trust Golf and Greens Europe and practice with PuttOUT Putting Studio!

Golf Digest's 2020 Choice !

The key to great putting is practice and with our evolved Putt Trainer, you really can take that practice anywhere.

Contents of the pack :
- PuttOUT Putting Mat
- Putting Mirror Trainer with Gate
- Pressure Putt Trainer

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Pressure Putt Trainer

Practice your putting anywhere. With the parabolic ramp, each made putt is returned to the player the same distance it would have gone past the hole had it of missed, anything else is a miss. Only a perfect putt will get the ball to hold in the micro target. 

- Alignment Setup

The first new development of the new Trainer is the addition of an alignment stick holder towards the top of the Trainer’s ramp. The feature acts as a rubber grip for a soon-to-be-released Putting Plane Alignment Stick Set, but can also be paired with the player’s existing alignment stick setup, replicating the 'String Drill.'

- Alternate Targets

The three smaller dot targets allow the player to focus in and use them either as another common target — especially for those who prefer to aim towards the back of the cup on putts, but can also be used to allow the player to adjust to slight breaks of the putting surface in their practice. 

- The Micro-Target

The introduction of a new, supremely more visible ‘pop-down’ target is based on feedback from players noting they would sometimes “lose the aim point” from their standing position and eye angle when the micro-target was in the ‘open’ position. The decision to add a ever-present, more vibrant target to the ramp was deemed an essential upgrade.

- Perfect Putt

Only a ball that is rolled on the perfect line and with the perfect pace (18-inches past the hole had it missed) will stick in the PuttOUT micro-target. Think you can putt to absolute perfection?

- Foldable Design

Using a folding design, PuttOUT can be taken wherever there’s space to play - carry it in your backpack, golf bag or even pocket. And when you’re finished, fold it away, out-of-sight in your desk drawer.

- Real Practice

With the disc at the base of the ramp replicating the size of a regulation golf hole, anything that rolls over the disc and up the ramp, returning back to the player is a made putt.

PuttOUT Putting Mat 

The putting mat has reading of 10 on the stimpmeter, meaning you’ll be practicing on a medium-to-fast paced green away from the course. The thick base means it rolls flat without creases for a reliable and consistent roll every time. Measures 240cm x 50cm.


Encased in a protective, dense cardboard cylinder, our mats stay tightly pressed and crease-free from delivery and all throughout the product's lifetime. 

Rolls Flat

With extra-thick TPR rubber backing, this mat rolls flat straight out of the packaging, giving a consistently smooth and reliable roll, allowing you to focus on making your stroke the best it can be.

Small Spaces

Designed with usability in mind, our Putting Mats are easy to roll up for storage, and come equipped in a low-profile black drawstring carry bag to give you the perfect station to practice your putting anywhere, any time.

Putting Mirror Trainer with Gate

The Putting Mirror has a highly reflective, scratch resistant surface with printed markings and guidelines. Below the mirrored surface is a steel inner that prevents warping and bending and holds in place the magnetic alignment guides. Includes a 50mm putting gate.

- Guided Putting

The two vivid alignment guides are adjustable for your putting stroke and can be used as a rail, a gate, a backstop or whatever you best see fit.

The guides are 3-inches long, ensuring your stroke remains on a square path for the entire impact section.

- Use Anywhere

With a compact, understated design, use the mirror to practice at home, at work, at the hotel or on the practice green. Wherever you need the practice, the PuttOUT Putting Mirror is there to help.

- Putting Gate

Using the guides to ensure the path is square, place the gates a couple of feet in front of the mirror to have the ball is consistently starting on line. If you prefer to putt to midway point, try getting the ball through the gate on its way to the final target on straight or breaking putts.

Any questions ? Need more information ? Contact The Experts
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