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Bravo Golf *Required step

Bravo Golf is an aerial simulator equipped with 2 high-speed cameras of the latest generation combining precision and performance.

Detection of the ball flight thanks to three-dimensional trajectory tracking, and measurement of shots with an accuracy level of 99.99%.

Includes :

• Bravo Launch Monitor (Overhead mounted Hi-speed dual camera sensor system)
• 2 Swing cameras (MS Live Cam Studio) 
• Ball and Club data
• Fitting and swing analysis
• More than 120 golf courses
• Mobile Apps iOS - Android 

• Free Updates lifetime, No subscription fee

!!! No marked balls needed !!!

Bravo can be added to existing structures, cages, studios.

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ontact The Experts

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7,000.00 €

Bravo - Indoor Golf Simulator

Stereo Vision Technology

Our Camera Cognition Technology and High speed Camera Analysis Technology is also utilized in Driverless Cars

1. Superiority of technology

1) Faster Calculation to launch ball
2) Accurate analysis golf ball and club
3) Simple golf simulator installation and maintenance


Impact Analysis
The impact analysis allows you to evaluate exactly how you hit the ball.
You can adjust your swing and see the immediate effect at impact.

Immediately see information about the ball speed and spin after impact.
The beauty of the BRAVO golf simulator is that you can analyze the trajectory of your club head
with real images throughout the impact zone.


3. Swing Analysis

- Frame by frame analysis
- Slow motion
- Side-by-side swing comparisons
- Access to professional swing videos
- Drawing tools for unlimited analysis.

You can use one or two cameras to check your swing form.

4. + Over 120 free courses included

Bravo comes with over 120 golf courses including the famous Pebble Beach,
St Andrews, TPC Saw Grass, Augusta Nationals, etc.

5. Technology specifications

ItemsScope of recognitiontoleranceremarks
Ball Speed 0-400km/h 2km/h
Azimuth -90˚- +90˚/h 0.5˚
Trajectory 0˚- 90˚ 0.2˚
back spin 0-16,000rpm 200rpm perfect ball performance
side spin -3,000- +3000 20rpm
club speed 0-300km/h 5km/h


6. Comparison of other Golf Simulators

Item Co.,BravoGolf***GC*Abo**
Trajectory& Speed Good Good Good Good
Ball’s path Good Normal Normal Good
Shot time Fast Fast Normal Normal Putt, Appro. Slow
Marking ball No No No Yes
Risk No No Broken at front Not detect to putt sometimes
Problem rate Low Low Low Low
Right & Left Yes No No Yes
Analysis Ball,club Ball,club Ball Ball
Ball’s Clean No matter No matter No matter matter
Installation Normal Difficult Easy Normal
Cost Low High Low Midium
Technology Stereo Vision
(Rear 2 camera)
General Vision
(Rear 1, side 1)
Stereo Vision
(Front 2 camera)
Direct calculation

7. Plan

8. Space Requirements

1) Total space for the installation of the indoor golf studio
     - width: 3.50 m or more
     (for left or right-handed play minimum width: 4.50 m)
     - height: minimum 2.70 m - maximum 3.00 m
     - depth: minimum 4.50 m - ....

2) Camera position
    - 1.50 m behind the tee and 2.70 m above the grass

9. Recommandations PC

- Minimum Intel i5 9th Generation
- Minimum 8 GB RAM
- SD: 250 GB or more (No Partition)
- Minimum GeForce GTX 1650
- Windows 10 (64 bit)     

Any questions ? Need more information ? Contact The Experts
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