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Discover why more golfers golf with OptiShot than any other
simulator on the market!

Optishot2 - BallFlight - OptiVision
  • OptiShot 2 Simulator

    €353.76 (tax excl.)

    The world's most popular golf simulator built

    for all types of golfers.

    Play the OptiShot2 through your computer and pair it with your HDTV or projector.

    Discover a whole new world of golf with the OptiShot2.

    What's in the box ?

    OptiShot2 Infrared Optical Swing Pad
    OptiShot2 Software (Download)
    - 15 Courses Included
    - Adjustable Rubber Tee’s +2 Foam Practice Balls
    - USB Cable (10 ft)
    - Sofware Updates

    Compact and accurate, it delivers outstanding results.

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  • BallFlight - Optishot (Refurbished)

    €3,500.00 (tax excl.)

    The OptiShot BallFlight is one of the industry's most advanced golf simulators.

    Offering trio tracking technology, BallFlight is the only product on the market
    that uses camera, radar, and infrared to measure your golf shot.
    The unit is portable, responsive, and capable of both indoor and outdoor use.

    BallFlight is a all metal constructed launch monitor that features trio-tracking technology.
    This launcher not only measures ball data but club data as well.
    9 different swing factors after every shot.

    From honing your skills on the simulators driving range to taking advantage of full course play,
    OptiShot's BallFlight provides the perfect blend of training and entertainment.

    No subscriptions to buy! Practice and Golf courses included!

    - Assistance/supervision during installation.             ASSISTANCE

    - Installation.                                                        INSTALLATION

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