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TruFlight 2 Home Simulator Box

TruFlight 2 Home Simulator Box

Tax included

A professional indoor golf course based on TruGolf's TruFlight 2 technology.

Individuals, Golf Professionals, Hotel, Sports Centre, Club house, Companies, 

Whatever your activity, INDOOR GOLF is within your reach.

Our TruFlight 2 PREMIUM package is the "All-in" solution for you!
We can carry out your customised indoor installation in your existing infrastructure.

TruFlight 2 uses the latest technology from TruGolf, allowing users to play
each shot as on the course or the driving range.
This 3-camera system captures club and ball data for a complete analysis of the player's performance and play. By capturing club and ball data simultaneously, TruFlight 2 allows users to analyze their shots in real-world conditions.

TruFlight 2 PREMIUM package

- TruFlight 2 launch monitor
- Golf studio: W 3 m x H 2.60 m x D 1.20 m
- Impact Screen Premium
- Premium playing surface: 4.00 m x 4.50 m
- Hitting mat: SWG  Champions Tee 150 cm x 300 cm x 3 cm
- LED lighting for perfect illumination of the hitting area

- PC Gaming Intel i7 GTX 1660 / Touch screen 22’’/ Keyboard + mouse / Cables & wifi network card

- Vidéo projector HD - 4400 LUMENS - long throw + Ceiling mount
- PC Cabinet

E6 Connect (27 courses)

- Delivery and complete assembly of the TruFlight 2 PREMIUM
- Software installation
- Training

- "Zero problem" assistance and support contract
- Multi sport (hockey, FootGolf, Shooting, ...)

This "Home" set will meet all your expectations!
It is the preferred INDOOR solution for professionals.

*Price Excluding accommodation and travel expenses

Internet connection required

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  • Livraison par Golf and Greens pour le all inclusive
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Included in this package:

1. TruFlight 2 Lauch Monitor
This high-speed 3-camera system captures club and ball data simultaneously at 3200 frames per second for a complete analysis of player performance.

Benefits of the system
- 3 high speed camera system
- Simultaneous club and ball data
- Designed specifically for indoor use
- Uninterrupted play for right- and left-handed golfers
- All recording and analysis technologies removed from the ground

2. E6 Connect
27 Courses: Auburn Grand National - Aviara - Banff Springs - Barton Creek - Fazio Foothills - The Belfry- Bountiful Ridge - Cabo Del Sol - The Ocean Course -Gleneagles Golf Club - Greywolf - Hokulia - Kuneticka Hora - Latrobe - Loch Lomond - Oslo Golfklubb - Panther Lake Course - Pine Canyon - Par 3 Ocean-Pelican Hill - Pinehurst No 8 - Sanctuary - Stone Canyon - Taghazout - Thanksgiving Point - Troon North Golf Club - Wade Hampton - Whistler - Par 3 Wolf Peak

Practice: 17 practice areas

Game mode: Stroke, Scramble, Best Ball, Stableford


3. PC
- Processor: i7 - 6GB DDR4 RAM - SSDS
- Graphics Card: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1660
- Sound: Built-in sound card
- Operating System: Windows 10 64Bit
- Keyboard + mouse

Touch screen:
- Series: 22w
- Color: Onyx Black
- Display type: IPS with LED backlighting
- Screen size: 22 inches
- Screen resolution: 1920 x 1080
- Maximum display resolution: 1080p Full HD
- Stretching: 16:9
- Number of HDMI ports: 1
- Connector type: HDMI

4. Golf studio
Dimensions: W 3 m - H 2.60 m - D 1.3 m
For the side and ceiling protections, we use a black ultra-resistant material.

5. Hitting mat: SWG Champions Tee
Dimension: 150 cm x 300 cm x 3 cm
With this hitting mat, you can plant a real tee.
You will play in the best conditions with a feeling of play close to reality.

6. Video Projector: HD 4400 Lumens
This projector delivers a fine and precise image on the impact screen even when it is not completely dark. The rendering of golf courses and ball theft is simply stunning. We fix the projector to the ceiling. This provides you with maximum playing comfort and you are not disturbed by the position of the projector at all. Furthermore, players cannot damage or disturb the system, as it is positioned behind them and out of reach.

Placing the video projector:
Suspended ceiling
- White projector ceiling mount
- Exposed white trunking, PC/Projector cabling
- Screw fastening of the assembly

7. LED lighting
For perfect illumination of the striking area

8. Impact Screen Premium
Impact Screen 3 layers Hi Dense Air Mesh. Professional quality and high performance. It resists and absorbs the impacts of balls thrown at over 400 km/h.The mesh of the fabric used is very fine. The Silver Screen Backing system is used to obtain a high contrast image for Full HD. After the impact of the ball, the screen returns to its initial position and no distortion or creases are visible. On this type of screen the ball hardly bounces at all and therefore guarantees maximum safety.
Our screens are machine washable at 30 degrees and have a life span equivalent to 500,000 ball impacts.

9. Premium playing surface
We install the artificial turf on a surface of 18 m² (4 m x 4.50 m). The turf is laid on a damping underlay of the same area.

Do you have a question? A tailor-made offer? Do you need more information ? Contact The Experts


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