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BRAVO BV21Home Simulator Box

BRAVO BV21Home Simulator Box

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A professional Indoor golf course based on the QED technology from Uneekor.

Individuals, Golf Professionals, Hotels, Sports Centre, Club house, Companies,
Whatever your activity, INDOOR GOLF is within your reach.

QED Home Simulator Box is the "All in" solution you need!

QED Home Simulator Box includes:

- QED Ignite 

- Studio: D 1.2 m x W 3 m x H 2.60 m (+ 95 cm x 95 cm barriers for safety)
- Impact Screen Premium
- Putting green 4 m x 4 m

- Hitting Mat Premium 100 cm x 150 cm x 3 cm

- PC Gaming Intel i5 NVIDIA GeForce / Touch Screen 22’’/ Keyboard + mouse
- Video projector HD Mobile
- PC Cabinet
- Ceiling suspension bracket for HD Mobile Video Projector

- Delivery and complete assembly of the QED Home Simulator Box
- Software installation
- Training

- 2 swing camera for even more analysis 
- Course simulation software: E6 Connect, TGC 2019, Creative Golf, Succeed

Price excluding accommodation and travel expenses

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QED Home Simulator Box includes:

1. QED Lauch Monitor

2. Home Simulator Box

Aluminium frame:
- Height: 2.60 meters
- Width: 3.0 Meters
- Depth: 1.20 meters

Other dimensions are available as an option.
Our studios are made in our workshops with the best materials available.
The structure is made of 45 mm aluminium profile.
The fabrics used are of first quality to ensure resistance to bullet impacts.

Impact screen Premium:

The fabrics used for golf simulators have the particularity of having the function of absorbing the energy generated by the impact of the ball and to serve as a support for the projection of the image. This pure white screen provides a sharp image, as the high absorption capacity of the material prevents the image from being distorted as for it the very unpleasant trampoline effect (rebound of the ball), this provided that the screen is not too taut. With a ball that can reach speeds of up to 300 km/h, safety is a top priority. The material used is a pure white polyester fabric with high tear resistance. The screen is edged on all four sides with a hem, with eyelets on the sides at a distance of +-35 cm, and has no visible seams. Weighing approx. 200 g/m², its net-like structure means that it has a relatively low noise emission when a ball hits him at high velocity. That's why these screens are called "low-noise".

Machine washable at 30°C

3. Putting green : Bogey
- Length: 4.0 meters
- Width: 4.0 meters
- Thickness: 12 mm

This product lends itself perfectly to any golfing application, thanks to its hyper-resistant 100% polyethylene fibre.
With a light sandblasting, a professional "stimp" is achieved on your green.

This product is manufactured according to the strictest quality standards.
7-year factory warranty.

Undercoat: Shock pad
In combination with artificial turf, the 10 mm cushioning underlay achieves ball bounce performance
as close to natural grass as possible.

4. Hitting mat Premium: TeeXL

The hitting mat is placed/cut into the putting green.
The surface used allows both left-handed and right-handed golfers to play.

- 30 mm thick
- 100 cm x 150 cm x 3 cm
- Composed of two different colours for a natural look

With this hitting mat, you can plant a real tee.
100% NYLON!
The Birdie is the best compromise between stability and soft hitting!

5. PC:
- Processor: i5-10600K

- Graphics Card: EVGA GeForce RTX 2060 
- Sound: Built-in sound card
- Operating System: Windows 10

Touch Screen:
- Series: 22w-
- Color: Onyx Black

- Display type: IPS with LED backlighting
- Screen size: 22 inches
- Screen resolution: 1920 x 1080
- Maximum display resolution: 1080p Full HD
- Stretching: 16:9
- Number of HDMI ports: 1
- Connector type: HDMI

Keyboard + Mouse

6. Video Projector:
Grab everyone's attention with this high-end projector that delivers bright content with a large image up to 300 inches.

Thanks to its 3LCD technology and powerful 4,400 lumens of brightness, ambient lighting is no longer a concern.
Maintenance is minimal thanks to the lamp's long-life light source.

The projector included:
- Resolution: 1024 x 768 pixels
- Brightness: 4400 lumens
- Lamp life: 5500 hours (normal mode) and 12,000 hours (Eco mode)
- Weight : 3 kg
- Manufacturer's warranty 2 years return to workshop / 1 year for the lamp

Video projector installation: Suspended ceiling
- White projector support to be fixed to the ceiling
- Exposed white trunking, PC/Projector cabling (Maximum 6m)
- Screw fastening of the assembly

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