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LiveView Pro

LiveView Pro

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Analyze every swing like the pros with the LiveView Pro hands-free camera!

The idea of practicing your golf swing in front of a mirror is probably almost as old as golf.

This video camera combines immediate connections between what you feel and what you see. And, with a video drawing tool, you and your coach can highlight specific positions with circles, lines, and more.

LiveView Pro combines instant feedback from mirror work to increase body awareness with the precision of digital video to make quick swing changes.

Because Live View Pro allows you to see and correct your pure swing mechanics, you don't even have to hit a ball to identify and solve swing problems. This means you no longer have to go to the driving range or worry about the weather conditions at your practice. Instead, you can continue to work on your golf swing, day or night, rain or shine, for a few minutes at a time when it's convenient for you. In fact, for muscle memory training, it's probably best to have lots of short practice sessions throughout the day to help you root in the correct swing feeling. With strong muscle memory, that new swing feeling will be there for you reliably when you go out to play.

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Digital Miror

The essential element for effective digital mirroring is a minimal offset between camera and monitor. With a response time of 0.3 seconds or less, LiveView Pro is optimized for the instant feedback needed for effective mirroring.

See yourself from any angle!
Better than a mirror, Live View Pro can be placed anywhere to monitor your swing from any angle.

Automatic Swing Detect

LiveView’s DSM™ can automatically record every swing during your practice session.   Using proprietary technology the LiveView app records 2 seconds prior and 2 second after ball  impact to provide your full swing sequence.

Swing Tools Guide You

Draw  coaching objects that provide a clear reference to guide every practice swing.  Insert lines to indicate the correct swingplane, posts to track head and body movements, and circles to learn stable head position through all phases of your swing..

Persistent Lines Save Time

Once drawn, swing objects remain constant and stationary with every practice swing and are transferred automatically to recorded videos.


Wireless Convenience

Live View Golf is completely wireless.  With no cables to plug in and wires to tangle, you are free to place the camera anywhere you want.

No Internet Necessary

Live View Golf connects directly to your tablet over WiFi and Internet is NOT required for operation.

Instant slow motion replay

LiveView Pro streams up to 60 frames per second (FPS) to provide instant, high-resolution slow-motion playback. This 60 FPS broadcast rate allows LiveView Pro to store video directly on the viewing device so there is never a wait to transfer the video before it can be viewed. Combined with our intelligent swing trigger and automatic slow motion replay, LiveView Pro makes it easy to get instant feedback on every shot.

Optimized for outdoor and indoor use

LiveView Pro is optimized for outdoor and indoor use. The use of an ultra-bright F 2.0 lens and a larger 1/3 ″ image sensor allows LiveView Pro to operate indoors for use in sub-optimal lighting conditions while providing sharper images in daylight. In addition to optimizing for lower light levels, LiveView Pro also optimizes space by reducing the amount of space needed to capture your full swing. Using built-in wide-angle optics,
LiveView Pro can capture a full swing from as little as 1.82m (6ft).

Technical Specs:

  • Lens: F 2.0
  • Frames per second: up to 60 FPS *
  • Resolution: VGA 640 × 480
  • FOV: 88 °
  • WiFi: 802.11 BGN
  • Battery: LiPolymer
  • Weight: 0.11 kg
  • Dimensions (H x W x D):  (97 mm x 69 mm x 30 mm)
  • Certification: CE, FCC, RCM, IC, DoC

*Frame rate depends on WiFi quality.  Crowded wifi spectrum from other devices may interfere with data transmission and reduce actual frame rate.