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Mevo+ & Net Return Home - Pro - Large Series V2 Package *Required step

! A real Indoor/Outdoor Golf at the best price!

Content of the pack:

FlightScope Mevo +

Pro Series V2 or Pro Series V2 Large or Home Series V2 

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Included in the package :

1. Pro Series V2 Golf & Multi-Sport Net 
    Home Series V2 Golf & Multi-Sport Net 
    Pro Series V2 Large Golf & Multi-Sport Net

Designed "Made in USA", The Net Return ™ Pro Series V2 & Home Series V2 are the only golf driving range nets in the world to automatically return the ball to the golfer. They are guaranteed for over 250,000 shots! 

The Pro Series V2 & Home Series V2 can easily handle golf ball speeds up to 360 KM/H and are designed for years of use. They can also be used for a variety of sports - without modification. Sports include golf, football, baseball, lacrosse and hockey. 

The Net Return Pro Series V2 & Home Series V2 offers golfers unparalleled performance, superior quality, durability, strength and instant returns. 

Comes with:
Pro Series V2 Golf & Multi-Sport Net 
Home Series V2 Golf & Multi-Sport Net 
Pro Series V2 Large Golf & Multi-Sport Net

- Carrying bag


Pro Series V2 Golf & Multi-Sport Net

Height: 2,30 m - Width: 2,43 m - Depth: 1,10 m - Weight : 13,2 kg

Pro Series V2 Large & Multi-Sport Net

Large 8'  --> Height: 2,44 m - Width: 2,44 m - Depth: 1,10 m 
Large 9'  --> Height: 2,44 m - Width: 2,74 m - Depth: 1,10 m 
Large 10 --> Height: 2,44 m - Width: 3,40 m - Depth: 1,10 m 

Home Series V2 Golf & Multi-Sport Net

Height: 2,13 m - Width: 2,13 m - Depth: 1,06 m - Weight: 12 kg

2. FlightScope Mevo +

MEVO+ is a launcher using 3D Doppler tracking radar technology.
Indoor and outdoor use.

16 parameters of accurate performance data
5 E6 Connect golf courses
17 different practices and a mini-game
Built-in camera for sensor alignment only.
Wi-Fi connection

Club data:
- Angle of attack - Club speed - Spin loft

Ball data:
- Carry - Total distance - Roll distance - Smash Factor - Ball Flight
- Spin Rate - Spin Axis - Ball speed - Flight time - Vertical launch angle
- Horizontal launch angle - Apex height - Total distance - Lateral Landing
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! Complete your purchase and take advantage of the "Pack" discount !

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