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Ernest Sports ES B1 Spornia SPG-7 Package
  • Ernest Sports ES B1 Spornia SPG-7 Package
Ernest Sports ES B1 Spornia SPG-7 Package
  • Ernest Sports ES B1 Spornia SPG-7 Package

Ernest Sports ES B1 Spornia SPG-7 - All in one Package

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This pack contains

Ernest Sports ES B1 Launch Monitor
x 1
x 1
Hitting Mat - Spornia SPG-7
Hitting Mat Bogey
x 1
Side Net Extensions
Side Net Extensions - Spornia Lateral Extensions Model -Spornia SPG-7
x 1
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Combine the advantages of Ernest Sports ES B1 Launch Monitor with a professional practice Net?

Our ES B1 Spornia SPG-7 Golf Net package is the ideal solution. With this package, you now have the training centre at your disposal, allowing you to use all your clubs.

Contents of the pack :

Don't forget! Your ES B1 Launch Monitor remains mobile.
You take it wherever you want, whenever you want!!
The best combination at the best price!

- Assistance/supervision during installation - MORE INFORMATIONS
- Course simulation software: E6 Connect, TGC 2019, Creative Golf... 
- Installation

Do you have a question? A tailor-made offer? Need more information? Contact the Experts 

Included in the package :

1. Spornia SPG-7 Golf Net

Spornia™ SPG-7 Golf Practice Net allows you to practice and hone your swing ability in the comfort of your own home!
We’ve designed this practice net from top premium materials and included exclusive features.

Pop-up technology makes it easy to set-up and clean-up in less than a minute and is super portable weighing less than 9 kg.

Delivered wih

  • Hitting Mat 99 cm x 150 cm x 3cm (2cm foam for more comfort)
  • Chipping Basket
  • Side Barriers Extention
  • Bulls-eye Target Sheet 
  • Roof
  • Poles & Ground Stakes
  • Carry Bag

Dimensions : 

Net without roof: 2m. x 2m. x 2m.
Net with roof: 2,4 m. x 2m. x 2m.

Weight : 11 kg

• Side Barriers Extensions:

Attach and further extend your side nets for complete protection inside! Swing indoors with more confidence and ease knowing that the extra extension will allow you to catch missed and stray shots. 

Total: 2 each (1 for each side)

• Hitting Mat:

Ideal for indoor play -> Protect your floor and your wrists!

Dimensions: 90 cm x 150 cm

• Impact Screen

Bring the life of the game to your backyard!

  • Designed to absorb high ball impact and loud sound.
  • Attachable & Adjustable (Velcro straps)
  • Extra Reinforcement for any practice net
  • Golf Simulator: Project simulator onto blank screen
  • Made of Polyester Fabric. Machine Washable
  • Dimensions: Approx. (1,60 m x 1,60 m)

*Ranked in Best Golf Nets of 2020 by MyGolfSpy and Golf Digest 

Product highlights

  • Set it up inside or enjoy the sun and set it up outside. Practice anywhere!
  • Automatic ball return to your feet, meaning constant, uninterrupted practice. 
  • Ball rolls down after impact, preventing damage to floors and to the ball
  • No more bouncing balls on concrete or wooden floors
  • Noise reduction target sheet that absorbs ball impact and protects the net 

2. Ernest Sports ES B1 Launch Monitor


Available on iOs only

ES B1 App

The app was a big hit at the PGA Show as professionals loved the ease of use and comparison abilities. You can compare shafts, clubs, balls or anything you like with the app.

SUPPORT CONTRACT (Recommended option): 235 € TTC

Our Experts help and assist you remotely
- Tips for setting up and starting your launcher/simulator 
- Installation of selected software
- User account creation
- Training in the use of the launcher/simulator
- Remote control of your PC in case of problem
- Access to our experts by phone or Whatsapp from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 18.00 hrs.
- Any help relating to your installation in general, by bringing our expertise on your problems encountered.

Do you have a question? A tailor-made offer? Need more Information? Contact the Experts

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