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  • Aluminium frame for the net
  • Simulator Series Golf Net
Simulator Series 8' (2,43m - 8')
  • Aluminium frame for the net
  • Simulator Series Golf Net

Simulator Series 8' (2,43m - 8')

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The Net Return™ Simulator Series 8'.

The Simulator Series has so many benefits including:

- Super Easy Assembly with our Push Button Quick Color Connect System
- Compact Design and Footprint for the Smallest of Spaces
Width: 247 cm
Hight: 249 cm.
Deep: 110 cm

- Lightweight & Strong
- 45 mm Tubular Aluminum Powder Coated Frame

- Super Safe
The Entire Bay is sewn with our Proprietary High Impact Netting
Which Withstands Ball Speeds of 225 MPH
- Floating Super White HD Screen
Provides the not only the Brightest, High Def Picture Ever but...
is Very Quiet and Minimizes Ball Rebound.
- Side Barriers (Included) Insure Mis-Hit Balls Always Stay in the Hitting Area.

Each and Every Simulator Series is Handmade in the USA.  


- Hiiting Mat  PRO TURF      - Projecteur Mounting Kit  MOUNTING KIT

What is NOT included:

  • Golf Turf (Sold Separately)
  • Projector Mount Kit (Sold Separately)
  • Projector - * We recommend a Short Throw Projector
  • Simulator Software (Sold Separately)

Simulator Series Specifications

  • Frame Height: 247 cm (Rear Display Bar) * With Projector Mount Kit Installed Height Increases to 274 cm.
  • Frame Height 250 cm (Front Horizontal Tubing)
  • Frame Width: 243 cm
  • Frame Depth: 110 cm
  • Unit Weight: 29,5 kg. (With Projector Mount Kit 45kg.) With The Projector Mount Kit Accessory Added - Max. Extension of arm 180 cm from screen / with arm compressed 128 cm from screen
  • Max Projector Weight on Projector Mount Kit 5,5 kg.

The actual Simulator Series Screen is 254 cmTall x 221 cm Wide . Bottom Left Corner to Upper Right Corner is - 334 cm 

You will want to use a 4:3 Aspect Ratio rather than a 16:9 Aspect Ratio due to the squareness of our screen.

To test the exact size of the picture that will show up on the Simulator Series screen with your projector model, consult the manufacturers projector distance calculator or you can utilize this calculator -

This allows you to plug in the projector model you are using, distance from screen, aspect ratio, etc. providing you with an exact picture size ahead of time.

Important Note - You will fill the width of your screen exactly.  You will lose approximately 25 cm off the top of your picture (dark space) due to the contrast ratio being used.

For an example of screen fill watch our product demonstration video below and note the picture loss (darkness) at the top of the screen. 

Any questions? Call The Experts, or drop us an email - let's get your installation right the first time...

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