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Analyze, film and compare your swing like the pros.

The idea of practicing your swing in front of a mirror is almost as old as golf.

Skill improvement comes from knowing the proper technique and being physically aware of how to achieve those technical requirements.
  • PRGR Launch Monitor HS-130A

    €225.63 (tax excl.)

    Principal characteristics of PRGR Launch Monitor HS-130A:

    SUPERIOR ACCURACY: Uses Doppler Radar and precise algorithms to show your
      Can also use with Tennis, Soccer and Baseball.
    EASIEST TO USE: Turn it on, put it down, and hit. No WiFi, no downloads, no apps needed.
       Captures nearly 100% of shots without "fiddling" with placement like with others.
    TRUSTED MANUFACTURING: PRGR has been making Tour-level golf equipment for nearly 40 years
       and is a division of the Yokohama company, famous maker of auto and truck tires for more than 100 years.
    Newest 2021 Model with an improved radar doppler sensor and ability to toggle between yards / meters
    Made in Japan

    The newer PRGR has a few notable upgrades:

    • A higher-quality dual radar sensor
    • An improved processor and algorithm to increase accuracy
    Larger, high-resolution display
    • Improved wedge measurement (especially on higher-lofted shots)
    • Ability to switch between yards and meters

  • LiveView Pro

    €298.29 (tax excl.)
    Analyze every swing like the pros with the LiveView Pro hands-free camera!

    The idea of practicing your golf swing in front of a mirror is probably almost as old as golf.

    This video camera combines immediate connections between what you feel and what you see. And, with a video drawing tool, you and your coach can highlight specific positions with circles, lines, and more.

    LiveView Pro combines instant feedback from mirror work to increase body awareness with the precision of digital video to make quick swing changes.

    Because Live View Pro allows you to see and correct your pure swing mechanics, you don't even have to hit a ball to identify and solve swing problems. This means you no longer have to go to the driving range or worry about the weather conditions at your practice. Instead, you can continue to work on your golf swing, day or night, rain or shine, for a few minutes at a time when it's convenient for you. In fact, for muscle memory training, it's probably best to have lots of short practice sessions throughout the day to help you root in the correct swing feeling. With strong muscle memory, that new swing feeling will be there for you reliably when you go out to play.



  • PRGR launch Monitor + OverSpeed Sticks (SuperSpeed Golf) Package

    €386.91 (tax excl.)

    The SuperSpeed Golf Training System is one of the single greatest breakthroughs in player's game improvement. With this system players are learning to create efficient speed and power, increase the height, spin, and trajectory of their golf shots, hit the ball farther down the fairway, and lower their scores!  In 4-6 weeks of regular practice we see huge gains in distance not only with the driver, but also with the irons, hybrids, and fairway woods. Getting the ball up in the air and on the green has never been easier!

    Combine this system with the PRGR Launch Monitor swing analyser to analyse your data in the best possible way and know your precise speeds to see your progress!

    Purchase this set if... Driver shaft weighs less than 60g and Swing speed less than or equal to 137 km/h.

    What's in the Box:

    Clubs d'entraînement SuperSpeed Golf - OverSpeed Sticks - Men's Set ou Ladies' Set
    PRGR Launch Monitor HS-130A

    A question ? A tailor-made offer? More information ? Contact The Experts

  • Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor (MLM)

    €494.87 (tax excl.)

    Mobile Launch Monitor

    The Official Launch Monitor of Golfdigest 2020

    Rapsodo has used the power of your smartphone/tablet and combined it with its professional quality radar.
    Analyze your game at the driving range like never before with professional accuracy for shooting distance, ball speed, club speed, launch angle, launch direction and shot shape.
    Review your shots and improve your game with videos of your swing and a tracker to follow the shape of your shot.
    With revolutionary features, the Mobile Launch Monitor (MLM) will transform the way you play golf.

    Professional accuracy: distance, ball speed, club speed, smashfactor, launch angle and launch direction.
    Provides video playback with Shot Tracer.

    GPS enabled: see exactly where your shots land on the driving range or locate a flag for a contest closest to the pin.

    Bag Mapping: View your shooting averages and trends by club so you always know what to use when you're on the course.

    Video Library: Store all your photo data and your last 100 videos. Additional video storage available with subscription.

    Share your photos: Link your account and post videos to your favorite social network.

    Includes :
    - Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor
    - USB-C cable
    - Carrying case
    - Quick Start Guide

    MLM NET is available for select iPhones and iPads including:

    • iPhone XR, XS, XS Max, 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max
    • iPad Pro (11″) 2nd Gen, iPad Pro (12.9″) 3rd Gen, iPad Pro (12.9″) 4th Gen

    (iPhones older than iPhone 8 will not be NET compatible.)

    You do not need an additional device to use the MLM with a net. The MLM NET feature is an update to our original MLM App.