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  • StarBall Golf Cup Insert

    €24.99 (tax incl.)

    Transform your practice mat or lawn into a putting green "as real as possible"!!

    The Star Ball Golf Cup Inserts are extremely accurate, just like a real golf hole but without the coring.
    The StarBall on the flag stops the golf ball in the hole.

    Indoor & Outdoor use.

    Quick and easy installation.

    Guaranteed effect!  Impress your friends!

  • Ballast bag for Golf Net

    €28.10 (tax incl.)

    4 Ballast bag for Golf Net

    *(Sand not included)

  • Game Improvement (Annual license)

    €109.95 (tax incl.)

    Game Improvement Plan includes all the contents of the Basic Practice Plan that comes free with SkyTrak.

    Basic Plan :
    - Practice/Driving Range 3D

    - Ball performance data (Backspin, Sidespin, Height, Distance, Carry, ...)
    - First Person Camera View with Shot Tracer

    By adding Game Improvement Plan,

    you benefit from features that allow you to improve your game and handicap, play games, challenges, etc, and get a better follow-up of the progress made while having fun.

    * Non-refundable 

  • SKYTRAK WGT World Golf Tour (Annual)

    €109.95 (tax incl.)

    What if you could use SkyTrak to play some of the world’s top courses on WGT Golf?

    SkyTrak and WGT are excited to offer golfers everywhere the freedom to play famous, championship courses with their own clubs in a stunning, high-definition virtual environment.

    Join the over 10 million golfers worldwide playing WGT Golf.

    *IOS use only

    *Not Refundable

  • Caddie View

    €115.00 (tax incl.)

    IN STOCK !!!


    Golf Digest

    The CADDIE VIEW is a super-simple golf training aid you put in the ground behind you when
    you’re on the range. 

    The CADDIE VIEW will help you shoot lower scores and have more fun on the golf course
    by helping you video and see your swing quickly and easily.

    The CADDIE VIEW comes with a stand that sticks into the ground and holds your phone. Clip your phone in place and set it up behind you to easily take videos of your swing. The stand also comes with the CADDIE VIEW  app and a ball-maker sized button. Download the app and keep the button in your pocket. You can start and stop your phone's video via the button, saving you from walking back and forth to start each new swing video.

  • Home Series Outdoor Cover

    €145.00 (tax incl.)

    The Home Series Outdoor Cover provides the ultimate protection for your Home Series Net - Sun, Rain, Snow, etc.

    The outdoor cover is made of a lightweight polyester, installs in minutes with three large zippers, rear stretch cord and base water drainage holes.

    Protect your investment with The Net Return Home Series Outdoor Cover

  • Pro Series Outdoor Cover

    €170.00 (tax incl.)

    The Pro Series Outdoor Cover provides the ultimate protection for your Pro Series Net - Sun, Rain, Snow, etc.

    The outdoor cover is made of a lightweight polyester, installs in minutes with three large zippers, rear stretch cord and base water drainage holes.

    Protect your investment with The Net Return Pro Series Outdoor Cover

  • SkyTrak Protective Metal Case

    €179.00 (tax incl.)
    The "Official Metal Authorized for use with SkyTrak"

    Protect your Investment!!!

    SkyTrak Protective Metal Case is the Official Metal Case Authorized for use with SkyTrak. The smart design allows you to plug in a wall charger without removing your SkyTrak.  Easily access the power button and see the LED’S through the precisely positioned openings. Comes with adjustable legs for leveling or raising of the SkyTrak.  An integrated alignment-stick channel holds any standard rod, dowel or stick firmly against the face of the unit to insure target line accuracy.

    Laser cut from 13-gauge steel with a durable wrinkle-finish powder coat.  This strong and durable case offers great protection from light drops, scratches and bumps.  It is a great way to protect your investment.

    * SkyTrak not included. We always recommend the use of an impact bag next to the SkyTrak to deflect any direct club strikes. Do not intentionally hit the SkyTrak case or SkyTrak with balls or clubs. Damage to the SkyTrak due to club or ball strikes are not covered under warranty. 
  • Phigolf WGT Edition

    €219.99 (tax incl.)
    IN STOCK !

    Phigolf WGT Edition is a brand-new way to play your favorite golf game! 

    Now use your real golf swing instead playing with your fingers on a screen.
    Have your very own mobile golf game simulator at home with the photorealistic
    graphics you know and love from WGT!

    Even play for real on world-famous golf courses with the Phigolf swing stick and 9-Axis 3D swing sensor. Be amazed as the avatar on-screen mirrors your swing in real-time!

    Play a round of golf remotely with friends and family wherever they are in the world!

    Do you have a question? Need a tailor-made offer? Need more information?
    Don't hesitate any longer, contact our experts, we certainly have the solution you need...
  • Support

    €235.00 (tax incl.)
    Support contract (Option recommended when purchasing simulators): 235 € TTC

    Our Experts help and assist you remotely
    - Tips for setting up and starting up your launcher/simulator
    - Installation of selected software
    - User account creation
    - Training in the use of the launcher/simulator
    - Remote control of your PC in case of problems
    - Access to our experts via phone or Whatsapp from Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm
    - Any help related to your installation in general, by bringing our expertise on your problems encountered.
  • Universal Side Barriers - Pro Series V2 and Home Series V2

    €260.00 (tax incl.)

    The Universal Side Barriers are specifically designed for use with The Net Return Pro Series V2 Net and Home Series V2.

    The Side Barriers insure that mishit balls never leave the hitting area. If using the Pro or Home Series net indoors or in an area where errant balls are a safety concern, the Side Barriers are required.

    They are sold in pairs (right and left), can be extended straight out or setup on wider angles as needs dictate. Each set of Side Barriers are extended out by using sandbags, four are provided (one for each Side Barrier) and two on the rear of the frame.

  • SKYTRAK E6 Connect Basic (Annual)

    €299.00 (tax incl.)


    is the best, most realistic and customizable golf software ever created.

    Use it with your launcher:
    - TruFlight 2
    - Ernest Sports
    - Flightscope
    - Trackman
    - Uneekor/QED
    - SkyTrak
    - Full Swing Golf

    to teach or practice on the driving range,
    to compete in leagues,
    to participate in online events at home,
    in a commercial establishment, or simply to play fun games at home with friends and family.

    Available on PC and IOS!!

    * Non-refundable