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Training Aids
To get the most out of your golf simulator, Golf and Greens offers you a wide range of accessories that are very useful for golf practice. For example, tools for analyzing your game are available for sale.
These will allow you to collect very precise data in order to improve your swing.
Discover without further delay the various accessories available to raise your level of play!

You want to know more about our different training tools? Contact the Golf and Greens team.

  • Golf Impact Spray

    €11.03 (tax excl.)
    Golf Impact Spray  helps visualize the point of impact of the ball on the club face.
    Golf Impact Spray  is the best alternative to Impact Tape.

    Simple, fast and efficient use!

  • Floating practice target

    €67.52 (tax excl.)
    Practice your approaches at home in your pool or pond with our floating green !

    The turf floats on a special foam.

    Package includes:
    - 3 floating balls
    - Hole and flag
    - Rubber Tee
    - Floating green
    - Hitting mat

    - Floating green: 39 cm x 62 cm
    - Hitting mat: 51 cm x 21cm

    €76.84 (tax excl.)

    The training tool for golfers who want to generate more length and more precision . 

    ROTATIX is an evolution of a training tool created in the United States. 
    The best American golf coaches such as Bob Grisset and Martin Chuck still work with the basic version. 
    At Bob Grisset , the plastic version costs 155 USD. 

    With us, the removable aluminum version with steel insert costs only 89.90 €.

    ROTATIX change your game. That's  Guaranteed !

  • PuttOUT Putting Studio

    €141.00 (tax excl.)
    To be the best putter you can trust Golf and Greens and practice with PuttOUT Putting Studio!

    Golf Digest's 2020 Choice !

    The key to great putting is practice and with our evolved Putt Trainer, you really can take that practice anywhere.

    Contents of the pack :
    - PuttOUT Putting Mat
    - Putting Mirror Trainer with Gate
    - Pressure Putt Trainer

    Any questions ? Need more information ? Contact The Experts
  • Garmin Approach® G12

    €145.29 (tax excl.)


    Clip this thin GPS golf range finder to your pocket or golf bag to see distances to the green at a glance on
    more than 42,000 courses worldwide — for up to 30 hours on a single charge.

    Mount it wherever you need it by using the built-in clip and lanyard loop

    You probably won’t play all 42,000+ preloaded courses, but it’s nice to have the option.

    Big Numbers Mode means you won’t squint to see the precise yardage measurements.

    Compete, compare and connect with the Garmin Golf™ app on your compatible smartphone.

    Paired with Approach® CT10 club trackers, you’ll be amazed at how accurately this thing tracks your shots.

    Hit the course more between charges with up to 30 hours of battery life.

  • SkyTrak Protective Metal Case

    €152.99 (tax excl.)
    The "Official Metal Authorized for use with SkyTrak"

    Protect your Investment!!!

    SkyTrak Protective Metal Case is the Official Metal Case Authorized for use with SkyTrak. The smart design allows you to plug in a wall charger without removing your SkyTrak.  Easily access the power button and see the LED’S through the precisely positioned openings. Comes with adjustable legs for leveling or raising of the SkyTrak.  An integrated alignment-stick channel holds any standard rod, dowel or stick firmly against the face of the unit to insure target line accuracy.

    Laser cut from 13-gauge steel with a durable wrinkle-finish powder coat.  This strong and durable case offers great protection from light drops, scratches and bumps.  It is a great way to protect your investment.

    * SkyTrak not included. We always recommend the use of an impact bag next to the SkyTrak to deflect any direct club strikes. Do not intentionally hit the SkyTrak case or SkyTrak with balls or clubs. Damage to the SkyTrak due to club or ball strikes are not covered under warranty. 
  • GOSWO Golf Swing Optimizer

    €161.54 (tax excl.)


    Get a better handicap faster
    Guaranteed success for your golf training at home.

    Touch learning
    Immediate correction of swing path
    Faster learning and results


    When playing on the course, you need to have fun and not worry
    about your bad shots over and over again.
    Practice Your Golf Swing at Home - Play straighter, longer balls. 

    Train and improve your swing with the GOSWO - GOLF SWING OPTIMIZER 


    - GOSWO Basic -> 55 ° inclined plane (irons) + 47 ° inclined plane (wood + driver)
    GOSWO Exterior ->  55 ° inclined plane  (Anti-Slice)
    - Cardboard carrying case with handle

    The Corrugated Cardboard YEP-Fluting material only suitable for indoor use.

    YEP-Fluting is produced from recycled papers, short fiber pulp, long fiber pulp and special glue. 
    Numerous series of tests guarantee the resistance of the materials. Material, top layers, weight,
    waveform, glue, etc. 
    are perfectly tuned.

    - Bursting test (BWS / BST) according to DIN 53141-1

    - Flat-Crush-Test (FCT) according to DIN 23035

    - Puncture resistance (DWS) according to DIN 53142

    Edge-Crush-Test (ECT) according to DIN EN ISO 3037

    Classic corrugated cardboard is tested to withstand pressure and stacking. 

    However, our hardware requirements are much higher:

    - a shot must generate clear feedback (audible and perceptible)

    - the shot must not cause injury

    - the shot must not damage the club

    - inclined planes cannot be deformed


    A question ? A tailor-made offer? More information ? Contact The Experts

  • Flightscope Mevo+ Fixed Alignment Dock

    €190.00 (tax excl.)
    Never miss a shot analysis by your FlightScope® Mevo+ with the Fixed Alignment Dock!

    Perfect setup is critical to getting accurate resultats with the Mevo+. The "Fixed Alignment Dock for Mevo+" is designed to allow alignment of the Mevo+ to be a quick and accurate as possible whilst providing protection.

    Pre-set positions and 6 points of fine-adjustment allow the Mevo+ to be aligned to the target at the correct tilt and roll angles consistently. No need to align the Mevo+ each time.

    The tilt can quickly and accurately be changed frome 16° (for FS golf and FS skills) to 12° (for E6) or vice versa by using the correct pre-set groove on the Dock.

    For more information, do not hesitate to contact The Experts:
  • SuperSpeed Golf - Speed Sticks - Men's Set

    €204.27 (tax excl.)
    OverSpeed training works by making the body move faster during a known movement pattern to reset the normal reaction speed of the body.The science involves reducing the overall weight of the club to allow the player to create a faster swing speed.By starting with the light club first, the player will create much faster speeds during the training.With our detailed and tested training protocols, we see a 5% gain in swing speed in about 6 weeks of regular practice.

  • SuperSpeed Golf - OverSpeed Sticks - Ladies' Set

    €204.27 (tax excl.)

    The SuperSpeed Golf Training System for Ladies is one of the single greatest breakthroughs in women’s game improvement. With this system players are learning to create efficient speed and power, increase the height, spin, and trajectory of their golf shots, hit the ball farther down the fairway, and lower their scores!  In 4-6 weeks of regular practice we see huge gains in distance not only with the driver, but also with the irons, hybrids, and fairway woods. Getting the ball up in the air and on the green has never been easier!

    Purchase this set if... Driver shaft weighs less than 60g and Swing speed less than or equal to 137 km/h.

    What's in the Box

    • SuperSpeed Golf Yellow "SuperLight" Training Club
    • SuperSpeed Golf Green "Light" Training Club
    • SuperSpeed Golf Blue "Medium" Training Club
  • Garmin Approach® S42

    €256.40 (tax excl.)


    We’ve got your game with Approach S42, a GPS golf smartwatch that’s designed for lowering your score on the course and upping your style off the course.

       Looking into the sun might affect your shot, but not your ability to read your watch.

       Show up to any of the 42,000+ preloaded courses and play like you’ve been there before.

       Go the distance when you know the distance. Green View lets you manually position the pin.

       Take your shot, and track where it landed with AutoShot detection.

       More than just a golf watch. Wear it 24/7 and get smart notifications, track steps and more.

       If you want to play 15 straight hours of golf, this watch has the battery life to do it.

    Wear it on the course. And off.

    Do you have a question? A tailor-made offer? Need more information? Contact The Experts

  • Skycaddie SX400 (GPS)

    €261.92 (tax excl.)


    • Golf's most brilliant display with responsive and easy to use 4" touch screen
    • Ruggedized, highly water-resistant, sleek and compact design
    • Powered by an ultra-fast multi-core processor for fast response
    • Cut the Cord! Wi-fi connectivity to streamline updates and course downloads on demand. No need to connect to a computer
    • Full HD graphics provide a stunning visual experience
    • Preloaded with over 35,000 of SkyGolf's ground-verified, error-corrected maps for unmatched accuracy
    • Free concierge setup service with SX400 bundles
    • Visit the My SX400 page for videos, guides, FAQs and support