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GOSWO | Golf Swing Optimizer | Golf Swing Training Aid
  • HMC-Flex Sticks

    €59.74 (tax excl.)

    With HMC - Flex Sticks control head and
    upper body movements during the swing 

    Practice at home and improve your game on the course. 
    More consistent strokes by controlling your head movements.

    The ideal complement to GOSWO and ROTATIX . 

    Package content :

    Two sticks with a flexible gooseneck (> 150 mm) and a length of 48 cm each. 
    The foam tube can be extended by an additional 40 cm. 
    Maximum total length 1.05 m.
    The two sticks together 
     only  weigh  250 g.
    They also fit in any bag in length and are also perfect for training on the driving range. 

    One of the most ingenious training tools for golf.


    €76.84 (tax excl.)

    The training tool for golfers who want to generate more length and more precision . 

    ROTATIX is an evolution of a training tool created in the United States. 
    The best American golf coaches such as Bob Grisset and Martin Chuck still work with the basic version. 
    At Bob Grisset , the plastic version costs 155 USD. 

    With us, the removable aluminum version with steel insert costs only 89.90 €.

    ROTATIX change your game. That's  Guaranteed !

  • Double Bundle: ROTATIX + HMC - FLEX STICKS

    €122.98 (tax excl.)

    The combination of ROTATIX + HMC - FLEX STICKS

    The training tool for golfers who need more flexibility and better coordination of the upper body and hips. 

    More consistent shots by controlling your head movements

    Better point of impact and better smash factor! 

    Fewer balls topped and less fat balls. 
    More consistency in the game! Longer and more precise shots!

    ROTATIX and HMC - FLEX STICKS are changing your game

    ! It's  
    Guaranteed !

  • GOSWO Golf Swing Optimizer

    €161.54 (tax excl.)


    Get a better handicap faster
    Guaranteed success for your golf training at home.

    Touch learning
    Immediate correction of swing path
    Faster learning and results


    When playing on the course, you need to have fun and not worry
    about your bad shots over and over again.
    Practice Your Golf Swing at Home - Play straighter, longer balls. 

    Train and improve your swing with the GOSWO - GOLF SWING OPTIMIZER 


    - GOSWO Basic -> 55 ° inclined plane (irons) + 47 ° inclined plane (wood + driver)
    GOSWO Exterior ->  55 ° inclined plane  (Anti-Slice)
    - Cardboard carrying case with handle

    The Corrugated Cardboard YEP-Fluting material only suitable for indoor use.

    YEP-Fluting is produced from recycled papers, short fiber pulp, long fiber pulp and special glue. 
    Numerous series of tests guarantee the resistance of the materials. Material, top layers, weight,
    waveform, glue, etc. 
    are perfectly tuned.

    - Bursting test (BWS / BST) according to DIN 53141-1

    - Flat-Crush-Test (FCT) according to DIN 23035

    - Puncture resistance (DWS) according to DIN 53142

    Edge-Crush-Test (ECT) according to DIN EN ISO 3037

    Classic corrugated cardboard is tested to withstand pressure and stacking. 

    However, our hardware requirements are much higher:

    - a shot must generate clear feedback (audible and perceptible)

    - the shot must not cause injury

    - the shot must not damage the club

    - inclined planes cannot be deformed


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